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IntelliScan SDS 255

Small-footprint, open-track scanner.

Perfect for mid to high-volume scanning.

Technology So Advanced, So Affordable

Key Features At A Glance
255 ppm at 200 dpi, 165 ppm at 300 dpi
Completely open, flat track
Color, bitonal or grayscale
1000+ page continuous loading feeder
Easy hand-feed access
Scan-time IQA monitoring

SDS 255 Data Sheet

SDS 255 Automatic Feeder

If you’re not familiar with the Uscan IntelliScan scanner, or with open track technology transports, you owe it to yourself to take the next few minutes to come to an understanding of what makes this technology so very different from the current scanners on the market.

Open-track transports are state of the art for production scanning. Scanners with curved paper paths are becoming obsolete. Why? Because curved, closed transports simply cannot achieve the raw speed or error handling capability of the open-track transport. Open transport scanners offer unparalleled ease of use and eliminate the daily frustration of paper jams.

Before you consider purchasing a scanner with a curved, closed paper path, consider that for a few dollars more, you can cut your labor in half. Prices for open-track scanners are now competitive with the slower, older technology scanners.

When you look back at your five to seven-year cost of ownership, your labor cost will have been the largest component of your expense. Why not make a purchase decision that will shrink that cost to the lowest level possible for the next five years?

  • Why an Open Track?
    • Documents are in plain view at all times
    • Jam points (rollers, belts, etc.) are eliminated
    • Straight-through path is gentle on fragile documents
  • High Percentage Wall Clock Throughput
    • Fewer transport stops
    • Reduced operator involvement at auto feeder
  • Least Amount of Error Recovery of Any Scanner
    • No covers to open for error recovery
    • Fewer documents to handle for error recovery
    • Smart Error Recovery means no guess work
    • Error recovery is 33% faster than curved-path recovery
  • Fewer Operator Daily Maintenance Requirements
    • Daily sensor cleaning is not required
    • Feeder roller cleaning eliminated
    • No dust in the barcode path
    • Easily removable aperture glass
  • Never Replace Scanner Bulbs Again!
    • Patent-pending illumination system
    • Utilizes High intensity Light Emitting Diode (LED)
  • Elimination of DLN Sequence Number Problems
    • Paper handling error recovery is a separate process from DLN printing process
    • No possibility of DLN sequence errors
  • Maximum Performance
    • (based on 8.5" x 11" paper)
    • Standard Model:
    • 255 ppm at 200 dpi
    • 165 ppm at 300 dpi
  • Automatic Feeder:
    • 1000+ page–continuous loading
  • Hand Feed:
    • High-efficiency
  • Paper Path:
    • Open, flat
  • Available Optical Resolutions:
    • 300 dpi
  • Imaging Output:
    • Up to three images per side
    • Bitonal or bitonal after color dropout
    • 8-bit grayscale
    • 24-bit color
  • Image Processing:
    • Electronic skew removal
    • Adaptive thresholding
    • Image rotation
    • Black and white speckle removal
    • Border detection and auto-cropping
    • Border padding
    • Scan-time IQA monitoring
    • Additional advanced features
  • Image File Formats:
    • Single-page and Multi-page TIFF
    • JPEG and JPEG 2000
    • PDF/A-1b
    • Uncompressed (BMP)
  • Illumination:
    • Ultra-low maintenance "cool" LED
  • Optical Readers
    • Front and/or Back Image:
    • OCR
    • 1D and 2D barcode
    • MICR
    • Patch code
  • Multi-line Inkjet Printers:
    • Front: Pre- and/or post-scan
    • Rear: Pre-scan
  • Stacker Options:
    • Up to 2 pockets
  • Document Sizes:
    • Min. 2.65" - 3.00" long (67.3 mm - 76.2 mm)
    • Max. 11.9" - 26.0" high (302.3 mm - 660.4 mm)
  • Document Weights Accepted:
    • 12 lb Bond - 122 lb Tag (45 g/m2 - 200 g/m2)
    • Asian (rice) paper to card stock