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PC Power Management

Reduce your PC energy costs by up to 40%.

Return-on-investment measurable in months.

Simple, Comprehensive
PC Power Management

Key Features At A Glance
Powers PCs up and down automatically
Saves money & reduces CO2 emissions
Learns user patterns for PC power-up
Reports on cost, energy, and emissions
Centralizes control of PC power settings
Installs and deploys with ease

Powerwise Information

PC Cable in Green Grass

Left on all day and night, the average PC consumes more than 700 kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity per year – more than the average refrigerator – and wastes almost 400 kWh when running at full power.

EMA estimates that workstations account for roughly 90% of the total business power use. That means PC energy costs are the largest single contributor to overall IT energy costs and can account for a 25% of the costs in a modern office building – ranking just behind heating, cooling systems and lighting.

Industry leaders know that computer power consumption is a big problem. On average over 50% of company’s computers are left on unnecessarily. Installation of efficient computers, monitors and other Green office items is part of the answer. But the key to truly slash energy costs is PC Power Management Software (PPM).

Simply put, PPM software powers up, powers down and powers off your PCs - automatically - to give you maximum energy savings. Using a PPM software solution is simple, inexpensive, and easy for organizations of any size to justify the investment. Effective PC power management gives IT managers the ability to control energy consumption by identifying where they are using the most energy, and how to reduce power usage with minimal interruptions to day-to-day.

How much can you save? According to the US Environmental Protection Agency and US Department of Energy, a quality PPM package such as Powerwise can save upwards of $5,000 annually for a company with 100 computers. Why not make a purchase decision that will start saving money and the environment?

  • Benefits of PC Power Management Software
    • Reduction of CO2 emissions impact on the environment through energy savings
    • Short payback on investment, typically measured in months
    • Straight forward and easy installation
    • Extended equipment life
    • Reduced cooling costs
    • Green initiative around which to rally the company
  • Powerwise Advantage
    • Powerwise is a centralized power management software solution for Windows networks that provides maximum flexibility in managing PC settings based on activity, time, and day of the week.
    • Powerwise is designed to provide a comprehensive set of tools and information to intelligently manage and control power settings for monitors, hard disks, and processors on a network to maximize money and energy savings.
  • What does Powerwise do?
    • Powerwise powers down and powers off PCs automatically when not in use.
    • Powerwise powers up and powers off PCs automatically to easily manage after hours maintenance needs to deploy patches or updates anytime of the day or week.
    • Powerwise powers up, using Adaptive Wakeup technology and puts PCs in a ready state waiting for a user to start their day.
  • How does Powerwise work?
    • Powerwise software is installed on a network server.
    • A small agent is deployed to each PC to be managed on the network.
    • Energy profiles are created for groups, or individual PCs to provide direction for the various events that are scheduled to take place during a day, week or month as required.
  • Windows Server
    • Microsoft Windows Server 2008
    • Microsoft Windows Server 2003
    • Microsoft Windows Server 2000 (SP4)
    • Typically the Powerwise Server can be co-hosted on an existing server. A default Server installation requires approximately 70 MB of disk space & 40 MB of memory.
  • Supported PC (Agent) Operating Systems
    • Windows 2000 (sp4), XP, Vista and 7
    • The Agent requires 9MB disk space & requires approximately 10MB memory.
  • Flexible Profile Schedules
    • Define the power options for individuals or groups of PCs
    • Schedule different power settings to be used at different times of the day
    • Schedule shutdown and wake-up events to enable remote management of devices such as deploying patches or upgrades
    • Set the profiles to match the way users work, accommodating power usage throughout the day
  • Comprehensive Wake-up
    • Adaptive wake-up technology learns when a computer is used and wakes it up before it’s needed
    • Web wake-up gives users remote web browser access to office PC’s, even if the PC is offline
    • IT professionals can also use the wake-up technology to schedule normal maintenance activities
  • User Notifications
    • Warning pop ups can be displayed prior to turning off a computer’s display, logging off a user, or powering down a computer.
    • User can view summary information for on, idle, and logged off time through power usage tray icon
  • Reporting
    • Comprehensive reports include energy consumption, cost, efficiency and CO2 emissions
    • Comprehensive reporting capability available at the network, PC or user level
    • Easy to analyze reports detail and summarize energy power saving events and performance